Thursday, October 8, 2015

Treasure Box 8: Greatness in Smallness

I'm not the tallest person in my family. Of seven children, I am third in age but, now that 17-year-old Michael has passed me up, I am seventh in height at 5' 2".

That's okay with me (though I did tell Chris once that I would like to be resurrected at 5' 5"--doesn't that just seem like a delightful height?). I don't have a problem with being on the shorter end of average. And it works out for me, too, because I really like little things. This picture frame is a good example.

I don't really like gold as a decoration, and I don't care for the design or the coloring at all really, but I love this frame. Why? Because it's tiny and therefore adorable. There are so many things that I love simply because they are small. More of those will show up in this month of posts, I'm sure.

The quote here is funny, too. It's a Dove chocolate wrapper and given my height, it just seemed too perfect to not frame it in an adorably small picture frame.

I do feel somewhat obligated to mention, however, that we had an underwriter come to our house earlier this week in preparation for purchasing life insurance. He very kindly rounded down my weight and rounded up my height--he said I'm 5' 4", though I've never had a doctor's office come up with that number.

Day 7: A Waving Care Bear

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