Saturday, October 10, 2015

All in a Day

When you only see family a few times a year, it is necessary to fit as much as possible into each day. And given this particular time of year, it was necessary for one of those things to be to get closer for balloon viewing. By chance, we happened past the temple and paused for the photo op.

We still didn't go into the Balloon Fiesta Park, but we found an excellent spot to watch for a while.

Really, it's an awesome thing. Maybe next year we'll actually attend, for real, on purpose.

Then lunch and a nap...

After all that, we took advantage of the swimming pool at the hotel. Good times.

Simon discovered the hot tub. He LOVED sticking just his feet into the water, right in front of one of the jets. He spent the majority of our time at the pool right there.

We had a few minutes to kill while everyone was getting changed out of swimsuits. Audrey read aloud.

The whole point of this trip was to celebrate Megan's birthday. My parents came to visit for Audrey's fifth birthday, one month after we had very first moved to Albuquerque. Megan has never forgotten that and finally, she got her turn this year. That meant that we had to have a birthday party! Lucky for Megan, it's Grandpa's birthday, too. Double celebrating!

We took over the breakfast room at the hotel for dinner and presents. Grandpa was a good sport and wore the birthday crown from Burger King.


You might say that you're getting old if you ask for staplers for your birthday...

Since Ben had his turn to sleep at the hotel last night, tonight we left Audrey and Dalton at the hotel and took the other four home with us. We had gotten everyone bathed and ready for bed when Chris looked outside and noticed this balloon. So close!

We piled our pajama-clad little people into the car and drove over the park where this balloon was demonstrating the "balloon glow."

It's not safe to fly a hot air balloon at night, but the fire lights it up impressively when it's dark. We have yet to see such a thing up close, so this was a fun treat.

The kids really enjoyed it, too.

I picture this framed and displayed in each of their college dorm rooms.

Thanks for a good surprise, Albuquerque.

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