Wednesday, October 16, 2013

In the inbetweens

We use Dropbox. Ever heard of it? Saves files online, you can access them from anything with the internet and the right program. I'm not even sure if you need the program or if you can do it from the website or something... but whatever. The most useful part is that any picture taken on my cell phone or Chris's cell phone magically appears on my laptop. Ripe for the blog-picking.

I was noticing that all of my posts recently have been events (anniversary, funeral, birthdays) and nothing much about the little stuff. So...

It has been a long-standing rule with our girls that you can pick one toy to sleep with at night, and it must be a doll or a stuffed animal. This stemmed from Audrey Jane wanting to sleep with things like her camera, so she could take pictures all night (really), or her laptop so she could play games (really). She thought we wouldn't notice that she was up playing. *eye roll* While Audrey and Megan are well-accustomed to our doll-or-animal rule, Ben is not. He regularly sleeps with his shovel, or a car, or a puzzle piece, or a dump truck.

I am still continually amazed and pleased with how well Megan and Ben play together during the day while Audrey is at school. They are basically best friends.

It's been nearly a month ago now, but we babysat twin girls for an afternoon. Audrey thought that was the coolest thing ever. She still talks about them coming over again sometime.

Megan has improved greatly in her climbing skills. And I don't have any pictures, but she has some serious soccer skills showing up. As in, she aims when she kicks and the ball actually goes right where she meant it to. I can't even do that most of the time.

Ben found this marble puzzle thing at the park. He spent a good 30 minutes standing there one day, and even gave a lesson on its operation to an older Chinese gentleman who was there with his grandson.

When I came home from Utah, I took the train from the airport back up to the northern suburb where we live. I was greeted at the train station by Christopher and the kids with two dozen roses. It was a Happy Anniversary/Welcome Home/THANK YOU FOR COMING BACK bouquet. Made me smile.

Chris plays racquetball twice a week with a friend from our ward. He regularly comes home with these bruises from where he gets hit by the ball. The one on his back was just this afternoon.

A banana exploded on our counter.

Chris and Audrey were both out of school on Monday and Tuesday this week for fall break (which totally makes today feel like Monday since it's the end of our weekend--so confusing). We took advantage of the time home and went out to dinner. I felt a little guilty about bringing food from McDonald's into Panda Express, but Chris totally didn't care and neither did anyone else. I'm happy to be wrong on that one.

We also used the school break to introduce our children to Doctor Who. Audrey keeps asking to watch more episodes.

Audrey Jane has started writing stories. It's really fun to watch her learn how to read, and especially to watch her learn how to write. She is so much like me.

In case you can't read it, it says: "You are up on a bog (dog). It is bad. It can bite. So do not bite I said to the dog."

We have such a cute little family.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Our Favorite Grandpa Jeff

Happy Birthday to Grandpa Jeff!
1. What is something Grandpa always says to you?

AJ: He always says happy birthday.
M: Says hi to his favorite Megan.

2. What makes Grandpa happy?

AJ: When Daddy tickles me.
M: When I say my favorite joke.
B: Airplane in the sky.

3. What makes Grandpa sad?

AJ: When I hit somebody.
M: I don't say a favorite joke.
B: Not happy.

 4. How does Grandpa make you laugh?

AJ: When he tickles me.

M: By saying cock-a-doodle-do.
B: Roar like a lion.

5. What was Grandpa like as a child?

AJ: Maybe he liked to hop.
M: He didn't play with me.
B: Grandpa not child, Mommy.

6. How old is Grandpa?

AJ: I don't know quite. One hundred thousand.
M: 4. The same number as me.
B: Really old.

7. How tall is Grandpa?

AJ: 2 feet.

M: standing on chair This tall, like Dad.
B: BIIIIIIIIIG. Grandpa's big.

8. What is Grandpa's favorite thing to do?

AJ: Watch grown-up shows.
M: Play hide and seek. Him counts and I hide.
B: Eat.

9. What does Grandpa do when you're not around?

AJ: That's hard to tell. Because...wait. Sometimes he eats grilled cheese sandwiches when I'm not there.
M: Him goes finding me and play hide and seek again.

10. If Grandpa becomes famous, what will it be for?

AJ: Saving us if there was a fire.
M: It will be for to be good.

11. What is Grandpa really good at?

AJ: Being nice.
M: Him's really good at ring around the rosies. But that's a walking game so him will have to put on his boots to do that. His big boots.

12. What is Grandpa not very good at?

AJ: He's not very good at doing small buttons.
M: Tag.

13. What does Grandpa do for his job?

AJ: He works to earn money.
M: Go to work. Him works.
B: Eat.

14. What is Grandpa's favorite food?

AJ: Spaghetti.
M: Psketti.
B: He likes to drink at people's house and at temples.

15. What makes you proud of Grandpa?

AJ: When he bes nice to me.

M: Proud of him running around with his boots on.

16. What makes Grandpa proud of you?

AJ: When I be nice to my friends and my sister.
M: When I get him his cane.

17. What do you and Grandpa do together?

AJ:  We sit and watch Harry Potter.
M: Us play.
B: Play with dinosaur at Grandpa's house.

18. How are you and Grandpa the same?

AJ: Both our favorite colors are orange.
M: We can both sing when us play.
B: New shoes.

19. How are you and Grandpa different?

AJ: He has glasses and I don't have glasses.
M: Not playing the same thing when us gone.
B: I'm Ben.

20. Where is Grandpa's favorite place to go?

AJ: Can I give it a guess? What's that place called that has all those free foods that you can take? It's a restaurant you don't have to pay for. Yeah, Golden Corral.

M: The park.
B: Park.

How do you know Grandpa loves you?

AJ: Because I'm cute and he likes my name.
M: Cause I give him hugs.

22. What do you want to tell Grandpa for his birthday?

AJ: Happy Birthday Grandpa Jeff! I'll miss you when you die.
M: Surprise! Happy Birthday! Make him a surprise party when I see him. And make him just not see when I'm making it. Let's make him distracted.
B: Where's the cake?

Happy Birthday!

P.S. I take no responsibility for what my children have said.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Megan Leigh 4 Years Old!

It has been a chant going around our house for nearly a month,

Happy Birthday Megan Leigh 4 Years Old!

ever since Chris wrote those words up on our whiteboard calendar. It wasn't possible to point at that date and say, "Hey, Megan, it's almost your birthday!" without the immediate, shouted so everyone can hear, response of

Happy Birthday Megan Leigh 4 Years Old!

Our celebrations included (p.s. I'm backdating this so it's dated on Megan's birthday, but the dinner date and shopping happened on Monday):

Presents--crown, baby, and stroller.

Note Ben throwing a tantrum in the background. He thought there was one present for Megan and one present for him. Oh, the injustice of other people's birthdays.

Skype birthday party with Grandpa Jeff, Grandma Karrie, and everyone else. Cake, presents, and grilled cheese sandwiches included.

Monday morning shopping with birthday money from Grandpa Craig and Grandma Janet, and Grandma and Grandpa Wampler. Her selections, purchased completely with her own money, were the outfit and the new shiny red shoes.

It is totally cool with me for my 4 year old to buy her own clothes.

And last but not least, the celebratory birthday dinner date with just Mom and Dad at Megan's chosen restaurant, McDonald's.

It was a good day/days. And she has barely taken the crown off since Sunday morning.

Happy Birthday, Megan Leigh!

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