Monday, October 5, 2015

Treasure Box 5: "I have no idea where I am"

I went to girls' camp with my church group for 4 years. You can go when you turn twelve, with three years as a camper, 2 years as a youth leader, and then your final year is spent as a...something that I can't remember because I didn't go that year. I had only one year as a youth leader, then I opted to go to Alaska during that time the next summer rather than going to camp. That's where I met Chris, so I feel like it was a good choice.

Part of camp every year was mail call. We had mailboxes for each group, and you could send letters to other campers and receive letters from home (all written beforehand). I remember that we had to sing a song to pick up our mail. Dad came occasionally as a priesthood leader and he developed a bit of a reputation for the songs he would sing for his mail.

Speaking of Dad, my treasure today is a letter that I received from him at Girls' Camp. I don't know when he sent it, there's no date. But it is very classic of his particular brand of humor. The main body of the letter says this:

"You and Mom just left to go to Britta's house as I write this. Now as you read it I have no idea where I am. Actually I know exactly where I am but I don't know where I will be when you read this. Hold on--I'm there right now. No I'm in my bedroom right now. How is that possible."

I'm glad that I grew up in a family with a sense of humor. It makes life so much more entertaining.

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