Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Treasure Box 7: A Waving Care Bear

My selected item today was brought to my attention because we used it for a game during Megan's birthday party this afternoon (see next post--it was amazing). Since this little bear was already out and living the high life free from the box for a moment, I figured we'd let the spotlight last a little longer.

It is not great secret that my birthday is on St. Patrick's Day. I like to ignore the fact that it is primarily a drinking holiday and instead focus on the fun of leprechauns and pots of gold and everyone wearing green to celebrate my birth--because, obviously, that's really why everyone wears green.

Given that not-secret, I have collected several versions of this Care Bear, named Good Luck Bear but more often called Lucky. This particular recreation was given to me by a student, Matthew, during my last year of teaching fifth grade. He was a very quiet boy, not the smartest but he worked really hard to achieve at anything that he was asked. He was the kind of kid that I loved to have in my classroom because of the behind-the-scenes growth that no one else saw.

He gave this bear to me on my birthday. I can still remember the moment that he very timidly walked up to my desk before school. There were plates of cookies, beautiful handmade cards, big bottles of Bath and Body Works hand soaps (seriously, I still have some I've never opened, I got so many). He seemed a little hesitant to hand me such a tiny little bear, but it was my all-time favorite gift that I ever got from a student. His face lit up as soon as he saw my reaction, and I'll never forget that smile.

I even took a picture of it on my desk that day.

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Tannie Datwyler said...

This story just makes me smile. I love the memories from teaching.