Saturday, October 3, 2015

Treasure Box 3: Future Temple Recommend

Seeing that today is the beginning of General Conference, I thought it fitting to feature a church related treasure.

This is a card that I was given sometime during Young Women's (ages 12-18), though I can't remember specifically when. It had to have been prior to me turning 17, because I moved back to Utah then and this was in Washington.

The picture is the Seattle Temple. It's the first place that I was actually able to go inside a temple and perform an ordinance, baptisms for the dead. I remember the first time I went, and the smell of the chlorine in the baptismal font. Special memories.

On the back of the card is an agreement that is intended to be a reminder to live worthy to someday hold a temple recommend. Britta and I signed together. I carried this in my wallet for several years, but it has since graduated into the treasure box since, as an adult, I have more things that take the card slots in my wallet. More importantly, I have a real temple recommend now.

I am very grateful for the temple, and I'm glad that we've ended up in a city that has a temple so close by. I'm very excited for General Conference to start today, and to hear the words of our living prophets and apostles. I know what I'm listening for today and I have faith that I'll receive the answers I'm looking for.

If you're interested in watching General Conference, even if just to check out what it is, visit

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