Monday, December 30, 2013

Non-Georgian Georgia Visitors

Have I mentioned that AMY IS HERE? It's like the best week ever.

Chris really needed to be working on some thesis research over the break and not much has happened so far, so Amy and I disappeared with the kids for a while to go shopping. Our primary objective was finding an orange shirt for Amy to buy for such luck. We did succeed in getting Amy to spend money on a lot of other things, though.

I don't have any pictures of that, so here is a shopping picture from Christmas Adam when we bought lumber to make the wooden blocks.

More visitors! There are, in fact, Wampler relatives on the East Coast (Phillips, too--let's be fair). Karen and her girls came for a visit! We hung out and played games on Friday night, then they came back for a few more games on Saturday afternoon. We feel so popular.

A highlight of Amy's visit was going to see Frozen. We don't pay for movies in theaters very often (it cost over $60 for the six of us to get in), so this was a special treat that I've been saving up for. It was an awesome movie--I loved that it was more about sisters than about romance. And the music was fan-freaking-tastic (I've been hanging out with Amy).

No pictures in the theater, but I got these cute ones of the girls skipping to the van with Christopher. Priceless.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Flamingoes and Pandas and Ostriches, oh my

One of the best things about Amy coming to visit is that we don't actually have to do anything at all and we still have a grand old time hanging out. On the other hand, any visitor is a good excuse to actually go somewhere.

So, we used our new membership from my mom (thanks!) and went to Zoo Atlanta.

Pictures of People

Pictures of Animals

Pictures of Lunch--the best part of the day

Pictures at the Petting Area

Pictures at the Playground

Family Pictures--Craig and Janet had sent us all matching red shirts with the request that we get a family picture taken while wearing them. That way, they can decorate their wall with pictures of all their kids and grandkids scattered around the country and we'll all match.

Style #1: Don't you love our matching shirts?

Style #2: This would be my most favorite, except for the fact that I forgot to take off my sunglasses. *face slap*

Style #3: The kids were annoyed because the sun was in our faces.

Style #4: Please just get this over with and let us finish eating lunch.

Amy should visit more often. Or just move to Georgia. And then to Albuquerque.