Sunday, October 4, 2015

Treasure Box 4: Postcards from Grandma

It's funny that after choosing which treasure box item I was going to write about today, I sat down at my computer and took a quick look at Facebook. The first thing on my newsfeed was a post from my mom, with a copy of a letter written to her by her mom, my Grandma Petty. My treasure to share today is a collection of postcards sent to me by Grandma Petty.

My grandparents served a mission in the Orlando, Florida temple in 1996. I was 11 years old at the time and, apparently, a rather prolific writer even then. I don't actually remember having written anything to Grandma and Grandpa while they were gone, but obviously I did. And they wrote back.

It's fun to see Grandma's handwriting on the cards. They are laced with compliments like "You're pretty, smart and very talented" and "You are very special and we think you can accomplish many things. You have a lot of ability." Those are wonderful to read again from two people who have passed on.

My favorite one, though, says this:

Dear Laura,

Thanks for your letter. I don't think you're too small for middle school. I was always one of the shortest, too--at least then you don't have to worry about being taller than the boys like some girls do. We love you lots. Remember that we'll be headin' home on Halloween. Love from Grandma and Grandpa Petty

Dated September 10, 1996

Day 3: Future Temple Recommend

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