Thursday, July 31, 2014

in July

I love having a pool in our complex. I can feel less pregnant for a second and my kids are continually branching out and trying more and more adventurous things.

The Davis's made it possible for us to go on our awesome aquarium date, and we returned the favor by babysitting for them too. Our kids are all friends, which is great.

We recently set up the baby crib in our bedroom, which necessitated rearranging certain pieces of furniture. That brought the keyboard out of Mom and Dad's room and into the living/dining room. It has become quite the popular entertainment spot amongst all three kids. I'm really, really glad we have headphones for it...

I "graduated" from therapy again! I've been going weekly for about three months, working hard to deal with the trauma triggers that have come with being pregnant and anticipating giving birth again. I finally reached a point about a week ago when I felt like all that was left to do was to have the baby--so no more therapy until baby is here and we process the new birth story. YAY ME!!! I celebrated with a doughnut from the QT gas station--best doughnuts ever.

Chris has been an amazingly wonderful husband during this whole pregnancy, and it only becomes more and more obvious the bigger and more uncomfortable I get. I wanted to paint my toenails and after watching me struggle through one foot, he painted the other for me. I didn't even ask him to, he just did it.

Our friends the Carrons had borrowed our baby swing for their son born in January. They recently returned it in anticipation of our own baby coming, and we're close enough that it wasn't worth storing it away. That mostly means that it's already set up in the living room which allows for moments like this, when Ben climbs in and can't figure out how to get himself out. And I make him wait for me to take a picture before I'll help.

Last but not least, we don't get out of the house as much as usual lately. It's just a bit beyond my daily ability to wrangle all three kids anywhere for very long. On one brave morning, though, we dared venture to the park. I'm glad we went. We went early, beating both the crowds and the heat.

We were there long enough to chase the geese, too.

Happy summer! Only about two more weeks until school starts, three weeks until baby is due (but hopefully less until he actually comes!).

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Tannie Datwyler said...

It was fun catching up on your blog. I have missed your posts. :)