Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Reason you go to Florida

Wanting to partake in the local color of Florida, we went out for an Alligator dinner. When one is in Florida, one must eat alligator. Or something like that.

There was a torrential rainstorm right as we were getting ready to leave. We all sat around for quite a while waiting for it to stop, and eventually decided that we just needed to leave anyway. We were too hungry and too crowded to wait. To protect us womenfolk and the children from the rain just a bit, Chris and Michael provided true doorstep service.

Dinner was good enough. Chris and Michael were the only ones to actually go for the gator, which wasn't Chris's favorite thing ever but was totally worth it for the bragging rights (just like having eaten reindeer and whale).

This was the only time our entire trip that we actually saw an alligator. Not up close, and somewhat fuzzied by the still torrential rain, but we saw one. Check that off the trip list.

So many good things on this trip. I'm glad we came.

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