Monday, August 11, 2014

Day One

It's the first day of school!

Audrey Jane
first grade

Megan Leigh

We were all pretty excited this morning. It's basically the only day that I really hoped to not have a least not first thing in the morning. 39 weeks today.

Instead of riding the bus this morning, we drove them to school, just to make sure they each got to their class ok. We were early and had to wait outside for a bit. The anticipation was a bit intense, though. They were both excited (even if it doesn't quite show up in these pictures.)

Ben wasn't entirely sure what to do with himself with no other kids around all day, but it was a good day nonetheless. The bus ended up being about 25 minutes later than we were told, but I think that was just the business of the first day, making sure each kid got on and off the right bus. While we were waiting, I took a picture of Ben.

Then he wanted to take a picture of us. Nice aim, kid.

Hooray for school starting!

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