Thursday, July 3, 2014


The primary event of Thursday, post-drive that is, was the Ranch's annual Fourth of July Rodeo. The festivities started with dinner.

Once food was consumed, we killed time waiting for the entertainment of the evening to begin.

The first game was a horse race.

For a not-country-girl like me, I found it highly amusing that the flyer for the rodeo included a note that if you wanted to participate in the arena games, please bring your own horse. I don't come across a lot of events with such a stipulation.

We watched several of the games before they had any that were more open participation. Chris and Michael joined in on the egg toss. They lasted quite a while before their egg broke, and I will note that they got quite a bit farther apart from each other than they pair that ended up winning.

Audrey was able to join the very last event--tug-of-war. She's somewhere on far right. I'm happy to report that in a game of boys versus girls, the girls totally won. Sweet.

The evening finished out with fireworks, which finished only seconds before the rain started. Perfect timing.

Happy Independence Day!

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