Saturday, July 5, 2014

Anti-Gulf Alternatives

Downside to the magnificent day spent at the beach yesterday: HORRIBLE SUNBURNS. We lathered up the kids in sunscreen multiple times throughout the day, but never re-applied any on Chris or I. And to make matters worse, I 100% forgot to put any on my legs. Hello, pain. Add that to my pronounced pregnancy waddle and swollen-from-sitting-in-the-car-too-long feet and I basically need a wheelchair to get around. We're just a little pathetic today.

There was talk of driving to the Gulf of Mexico to experience the difference between that and the ocean, but we canned that idea pretty quick when we realized just how bad our sunburns were. Instead, we went to a park to play for a bit.

The major highlight here was a frog that the kids found.

I think they also managed to catch a lizard and one point, but it got away.

I am not an animal person, and small amphibians are no exception. I don't want to touch or be touched by one. My kids do not have the same prejudices that I do, and good for them.

And just one last picture because I think it's funny...Ben and Ivan got along really well this whole visit for the most part, but from this one shot, you wouldn't know it. :)

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Liz, Karl, Madison, Brooklyn and Aubrey said...

Haha I love the look on bens face in that last picture.