Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I've repeatedly meant to document more of my pregnancy via the blog--I feel like it's a pretty significant chapter in the "My Journey with Postpartum Depression and Traumatic Birth" category. And I still intend to...just not right now. I'm uncomfortable and tired of being pregnant and wish that we could just get on with it already, and I still have five weeks left. Sigh.

My lack of pregnancy enthusiasm has been somewhat apparent to those around me, and it has resulted in some sympathy visitors. Which is totally awesome.

The elders assigned to our ward kept asking and asking and asking if there was anything that they could do to help. I finally said yes and asked them to clean out the inside of my van.

They did a good job while getting some service hours in, and the kids had all kinds of fun helping them, and I love having a van that isn't full of garbage and leaves and crumbs. Win win win.

One of my biggest bothers in my house has been my shower. It was gross, really. Bending over to scrub a bathtub was beyond my current realm of desire/ability and the neglect definitely showed--this is one time that I was too embarrassed even for a Before shot. Brenda and Amanda can both attest as they used my shower while they were here.

A saint of a friend from church volunteered to clean it for me. Oh heavens be, it was amazing. She not only scoured the entire shower and tub, she also let Jane help her which gave her something to do for quite a long time that day instead of just being bored. It was great for everyone. And I will proudly show off the After shot.

So great. Now I can really relax in the bath, which my aching prego muscles thoroughly appreciate. P.S. I love our huge bathtubs.

At the same time that Emily came to clean the tub, she helped me wind the bobbin on Chris's sewing machine so I could make a blanket for the baby. Note: yes, we already made a quilt. Each of my kids has had a baby blanket that was just theirs, and then a bigger blanket that they grew into later. We have the baby's bigger quilt now, but no baby blanket. So I made one.

Look at all this craftiness! Chris helped me cut the fabric, but I sewed it all by myself. Now I'm working on crocheting a cute (but not girl) border around the edges.

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