Saturday, July 19, 2014

Atlanta's Finest

Ever since we moved to Atlanta, we've heard from just about everybody that we needed to go to the Aquarium. It's amazing, it's awesome, you've got to see it some time while you can. I have really wanted to, but at nearly $40 per ticket it was a little out of our budget to take all the kids.

That said, we really needed a real date. Chris has been working hard to finish his summer class, which has been a killer, and I'm just getting more pregnant and trying to get everything ready for a baby to come. We just wanted a minute to be together and not stress about all the other stuff. Lucky us (or rather, blessed us), we managed to find two friends with memberships that include guest passes and a babysitter for several hours. Hooray! We totally got into the aquarium for the price of parking--$8 instead of $80. Score.

To answer the question I just know is on the tip of your tongue, YES, the aquarium is that good. One word: whales.

We ended up at the whale tank--to be accurate, they are whale sharks--in time for a feeding. That was pretty cool to watch. They suck in tons and tons of water in the process of getting the krill they actually eat, then all the bigger fish they sucked in would get squirted out their side gills. Quite interesting to watch.

Other cool things that I have no proper names for--a glow in the dark sea horse looking thing.

And these little worms that would rise up and down out of the sand. Totally reminded me of Oscar the Grouch's worms on Sesame Street.

They also had tons of different touch pools. I wasn't interested either in getting wet, touching slimy living things, or bending over, so I let Chris enjoy that part on his own while I took pictures.

Chris also enjoyed fully participating in the penguin exhibit.

Once we'd sufficiently experienced the aquarium (which is code for I was too tired to walk around anymore), we went to lunch at Olive Garden. It was great to just sit and be together and take as long as we wanted without worrying about getting back to the kids. Huge thanks to Emily B. and Sarah D. for making this date possible!

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