Saturday, July 12, 2014

Rewards 3 AND 4

We have totally rocked the scripture study this summer. We read one chapter, sometimes 2 if they're short, every morning before breakfast. My kids are doing awesome with taking their turns, and we even stop and talk about what's going on in the verses. I love it when they hear a reference to a particular person or story at church and say, "Hey, we read about that!" It's my favorite.

Anyway. We have actually passed two more of our rewards, and we ended up combining them into one night--first was a late night movie (in honor of Enos praying all day and all night) and the second was dinner at McDonald's. By the time we got back from Florida, the kids were not at all interested in going to a restaurant...that was old news right then. So, we opted instead for homemade personal pizzas.

We had all kinds of fun picking the toppings, and getting to eat in the living room all together.

To make it extra exciting, we went to Target to find a new movie that the kids hadn't seen before. Their choice: Charlotte's Web, the original. Good choice.

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