Sunday, August 2, 2015

Moon Lake 2015

We have an annual-ish camping trip with Chris's family towards the end of summer. Last year we kind of faked it with our trip to Florida with Brenda to visit Michael and Amanda. It's always been a bit of a trick to find a place to go that everyone can get to. This year, we decided to try out Moon Lake, the same spot where my family went camping several times.


Adventures often begin way too early in the at 4:45. Chris and I got up and finished loading the van, then loaded up all the sleepy kids for the 10 hour completely uneventful drive to Moon Lake. Hence, no pictures.

Once we arrived at the campground, we were joined shortly by Heather and Brandon (aka Handon) and Craig and Janet (aka Cranet). We took advantage of the family time to finish celebrating Ben's triumphant passage into the realm of 4 year olds. Second requested gift: a stomp rocket, just like our friend brings to the park.

"No, Dad, you don't get to open it! I do!"

Third requested gift, this time provided by Grandma Janet and Grandpa Craig: a baseball and baseball glove. Little boy heaven right here.

More cake! Mostly because that was way too much cake to eat by ourselves at home. And I'm pretty sure we still threw away more than half of it a couple days later.

The rest of the evening was spent just hanging out, enjoying being together and being outside.

With a little bit of fireworks thrown in, just for kicks and giggles. At least, I giggled...

There wasn't a lot of firewood available nearby, but Chris found this log a ways up the hill by the bathroom. Between all six of us, we managed to get it down to our campsite.

We wanted to know how long it was, so we measured with the tools we had available. Final verdict was about 23 feet.

I snapped this picture when Chris and I went to bed a couple hours after the kids. Ben had started the night on his own pad on the other side of the tent. In the morning they told me it was cold.

Simon thought it was cold, too, and ended up sleeping in my sleeping bag with me. You can guess how well that went. You know, for me. He slept great.


After a delicious breakfast of stuffed french toast courtesy of Handon, Chris set out on the delightful adventure of driving Audrey to the hospital in Roosevelt. Why? She had strep, of course. Heavy sigh. Lucky for her, the tylenol worked well and they were able to get back around lunch time, so they still had a decent amount of camping day left. And thankfully, antibiotics work fast and she was uncontagious the next day without too much hassle.

Michael and Amanda came around lunchtime, too. Yay for cousins! We need someone like Ivan around to introduce us to snakes and such.

Lots of fun hanging out and being together. Good times.

Seriously, cutest babies ever! Only two months apart, just like Ben and Ivan.

It would seem that Ben was worn out.

Yes, he's asleep.

A bunch of us to a walk around the bend of the lake out to the bridge. This is one of the spots I remember best at Moon Lake from years past.

Brandon saved a lost glow bracelet for Megan.

Late that night, David and Shaya (aka Shavid) arrived. Yay!


One of Ben's stomp rockets got caught in the tree. In the interest of full disclosure, I did the stomping that time. I will note, however, that Ivan aimed. Chris and Michael took advantage of the opportunity to put the marshmallow shooters to good use and did, in fact, save the rocket.

We trailed out the bridge again to attempt a family picture with all the Wampler shirts present.

The lighting was far from ideal, but we got some good shots. If only Simon wasn't blocking David's face!

We even got a little creative getting all the kids together. Can you see Michael laying on the ground behind them? Oliver and Simon were having a blast, but Sam was not impressed.

We tried a shot of all their numbers, too, but the sunspots made it pretty hard to read. From right to left, we've got 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 18, 19, and 20.

There was a nice spot for some couple shots, too. (The other couples' pictures were taken on Amanda's phone.)

Back to camp!

More hanging out. I'm pretty sure that's a standard requirement for camping.

Janet repeatedly said that she doesn't miss having little twins. Ha.

This hummingbird kept hanging around our tent. Chris managed to get this awesome shot.

Don't forget Uncle Michael's Shenanigans. Also a requirement at any Wampler gathering.

Simon tried on Oliver's adorable hat. So cute.

What's the point of camping at a lake unless you go to the lake??

Group project!

I've been digging all over my computer today looking for a picture I know existed at one point of Chris holding Audrey at Moon Lake, I think in 2008. I can't find it! Argh!!

UPDATED: I found it!! Chris and Jane at Moon Lake, July 2008:

We still have this one, though: Chris and Audrey at Moon Lake in 2015. She's just a bit bigger now than she was seven years ago.

Good times, good times.

Sometimes camping is hard work and you just need a spontaneous nap. There seems to be a pattern here amongst my children for abruptly falling asleep.

We kind of pretended to put the kids to bed early so we could enjoy some child-free visiting amongst the adults, but it didn't really work. Oh, well.

In the end, our kids got up again anyway because of our SURPRISE VISITOR!!

A visit from Amy is good for the soul.


Amy entertained all the kids while we reloaded the van. Chris has some serious packing skills.

Another uneventful, long drive home. See you again next year, Moon Lake. Hopefully everyone will be able to make it--we missed Brenda, Gavin, and Jack this year!

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