Thursday, August 6, 2015

Summer End Fun #3

Summer End Fun #3: The Zoo! Or, more accurately, the day we rode the train multiple times.

I was talking to Chris this morning about the fact that anytime I try to remember the zoo, I can only picture Atlanta's zoo. Everyone else came to visit this zoo with Michael and Amanda while I was in Utah in May--this was my first time back since we've moved.

Though, truth be told, most of our time was not so much about the zoo...

We did have a good start. The crowds were pretty light first thing after opening.

Really, though, the kids just kept talking about the train. They really didn't care about any of the rest of it. So, we took the train. They have one that runs from the zoo to the Botanic Gardens and back.

It was quite a pleasant ride, actually.

Since we happened to be at the Botanic Gardens now between 10 and 4 on the right day of the week, we stopped in to see the model trains in action.

Simon didn't care so much.

He did seem opposed to taking the train back, though...

Once we made it back to the zoo we stopped for lunch. We've had so many picnics this summer.

Then, because it was the unanimous vote between all the kids (who are old enough to have an opinion), we took the train that goes just around the zoo before heading home. It was almost 100 degrees and we were melting.

Simon and Ben were both too hot and tired to care about a picture. I thought we did pretty good, still, getting at least most of everyone's faces in the shot. :)

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