Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Summer End Fun #2

Summer End Fun #2: The Botanic Gardens

This was our first visit to the Botanic Gardens in Albuquerque, and I feel like Audrey gave the best summary of our experience. When we were about halfway through, she said, "You know, I thought this place was going to be really boring, but it's actually really cool."

We started in the Children's Fantasy Garden.

"We have to bring Grandma Karrie here. The whole place is orange!"

"Show this to Dad. It's even bigger than his pinecone!"

The model train wasn't running today--the kids all concocted a plan to get their chores done "really really fast" on Saturday so we can come back and bring Dad to see the trains.

Then the Butterfly Pavilion.

I really wanted to get a picture of this one with it's wings open. They were bright blue.

We stopped for a snack, then took the trail around the pond.

Ben spent most of his time folding and unfolding his map. Reminded me of Dalton.

Audrey found her new favorite flower.

By then, we were all getting too hot and opted to bail out in favor of ice cream cones. Summer Success again!

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