Friday, August 21, 2015

All My One Year Olds

I must be feeling nostalgic lately, because I keep going to look up old pictures of my kids. Yesterday it started when I realized that Simon had been wearing the same outfit that Ben wore on his first birthday.

I get a lot of comments on how similar they look. Everyone had always said how much Ben looks like Chris, now everyone says how much Simon looks like Ben. But no one says that Simon looks like Chris...

And just for fun, here are pictures of everyone on their first birthday. I did not remember that Jane had so much hair! Ben was the bald one.

Audrey Jane

Megan Leigh

Benjamin Ryan

Simon Edward


valerie sallay said...

I love this! They are all so adorable!

Tannie Datwyler said...

I love seeing comparison shots. IMHO I think they ALL look different. I can tell they are siblings, but I'd never mistake one for the other. Simon looks a LITTLE like Ben, but it's not spitting image similar. To me.... They are all adorable. I can't believe how big Simon is.