Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Latest and Greatest 4 Year Old

Happy Birthday Benjamin!

This is not our typical birthday celebration picture pose, but when you've got strep, this is as good as it gets.

Our grand birthday plans did not pan out, as you may have guessed, since we didn't want to inflict strep on an unsuspecting public. Ben very much did not feel well and in his disappointment for delayed birthday festivities, he had only one request: he wanted to watch the movie Planes.

The problem there was the fact that we don't own the movie Planes. I posted a few different pleas on Facebook begging for the movie from anyone who lived close, but I gave up on that pretty quick based on the pathetic-ness of his begging. Instead, Chris stayed home from work for an extra half an hour while I made a Walmart run. Crisis adverted. And, several hours of entertainment provided, as we watched that movie more than once.

Luckily, antibiotics kicked in and everyone was feeling significantly better by the end of the day. That made for more exciting times opening presents and having cake.

Ben basically hand-picked every single present he got this year, with one exception. His only surprise gift this year came from Grandma Karrie and Grandpa Jeff: superhero costumes. He is quite excited to be able to play dress up with Megan and not be limited to only a tiger (or a princess...).

He knew all of his gifts from us and still loved every second of it. First gift request was a remote controlled car.

Second and third gift requests still to come. In the meantime, cake!

By the next day, no one was contagious anymore and everyone was feeling great. So, we dropped Simon and the girls off at a neighbor's house, Chris took some time off work, and we took Ben out to the movies. Or rather, we took Batman out to the movies.

We saw Inside Out. It was cute, though I think it went just a little over Ben's head. Next: Batman at Arby's.

All in all, it was a good birthday, despite being sick to begin with. Even better, we have one more celebration coming when we go camping tomorrow. Three days of birthday makes up for being sick.

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