Monday, August 3, 2015

Summer End Fun #1

School starts next week...kind of. Of three kids starting school this fall, we have three different first days at two different schools. Huh. Anyway, we've decided to take advantage of this last week with everyone home to get out of the house and enjoy us some adventures.

Summer End Fun #1: The Aquarium

It's no Atlanta Aquarium, but it's a fun stop and the kids love it.

I think Simon had the most fun--he's been quite enthusiastic about walking since we came home from camping. Rocks everywhere and wearing shoes all weekend really cramped his style.

I know his eyes look creepy, but this is such a good walking picture!

We ended our day with Family Home Evening. Selected activity: marshmallow war. What better way to be together as a family than to shoot each other?

Again, Simon won out. He kept getting shot at, but then he ate all the ammo.

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