Saturday, August 29, 2015

Ward Campfire

We were all set for our ward campout this weekend...until it was changed from a ward camp-OUT to a ward camp-FIRE. While some people still camped, I totally chickened out and we only went up for the evening activities.

We were the first ones to arrive and Chris got the dutch ovens going for our dinner.

Don't play with fire, kids.

Heather and Brandon were next to appear. As ward clerks, Chris and Brandon are part of the bishopric organization and therefore were responsible for a dutch oven dinner. That got a little tricky when it the thunderstorm started, but those never really last long in Albuquerque, so we were ok.

The kids enjoyed being outside, even though we left in a bit of a hurry and no one had jackets except me...

More people staggered in over the next couple of hours.

Bishop Gardner made a pineapple upside-down cake for his dessert contribution. The kids enjoyed "helping."

We were impressed.

Time to eat!

There was a bit of a "talent show" with skits and songs.

Heather and Brandon sang "The Cat Came Back." Chris and I joined in from the back of the pavilion, which actually kind of confused some people with the intermittent surround sound we had going.

Our family sang the "Something Went Terribly Wrong" song. It was epic.

It was a fun night. Simon didn't love the cold or the wet, and he managed to get quite the scratch across his face, but I think he'll survive.

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