Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dats Persunt Mawsun

I quote Jane all the time. I figure Megan should get a shot at the blog title now and again.

General Conference was pretty low-key for us this year. I didn't want to stress so much about stickers and worksheets and treats that the Spirit was gone before the meetings even started. I've done it in the past and loved it--me and the girls--but there has been so much else going on that I knew I wouldn't pull it off well. What we did do worked great.

We really only focused on engaging the girls during the morning sessions each day. That way, Chris and I could still get at least a good chunk of the afternoon sessions while they all took naps.

Crayons were definitely involved. Jane worked on writing names of family members and apostles while Megan just colored.

On Sunday, we did pull together our traditional Conference breakfast, with waffles, eggs, bacon and juice. Delicious. While Chris and I were cooking, the girls snacked on some apples. Megan prefers slices, Jane prefers it whole, but she will bite off all the "green parts."

After breakfast, we built a tent for the girls to sit in while they were listening to the talks.

And that was about it. There was one session when I let them pick a candy for each time they heard the word "Jesus" but that died out pretty quick. They only "heard" the word if they noticed that Chris ate a treat (which he only did when he heard the word!). Less effective.

Ben spent most of the weekend practicing his mad desperate-to-be-crawling skills.

...the end. See--low-key. But wonderful nonetheless.