Wednesday, October 27, 2010

avoiding the laundry

It snowed today...only a couple inches, but there is still obviously visible snow in the shady parts of the yard.

Two things I don't like about winter:

1. Coats

I don't necessarily mind wearing a coat when it's cold, but there are certain logistical aspects that I find annoying. One is what to do with it when I'm not outside. At home, no big deal--hang it on my hook in the closet. Done. Anywhere else, though? Like the can wear it and be hot or take it off and have it get all mixed up with the groceries. Annoying. And what if it was snowing and the coat is wet?

And then there's the fact that I'm still allergic to most everything coats are ever made out of. So, I either wear a coat and choose to be itchy, or I can wear the coat into which has been shown a homemade liner consisting of an old t-shirt. That gets hot really fast, as well as adding extra weight to be annoyed with in the store. Ugh.

Any amazing seamstress out there want to design a fabulous and extremely thin cotton something that I can wear inside a coat as needed? Hmmm? Any takers?

2. Shoes

Remember last year when I fell and sprained my wrist? Yeah, still hurts quite often. Lame. Unfortunately, I still only have the same shoes that I fell in last year. I bought new ones, but they lasted all of maybe three months before they literally split at the seams. Lame. So, I have to buy new shoes with better traction. Again.

In addition, I buy all our kid shoes at DI. The only problem with that is that I can't choose the styles. All of my girls' shoes have laces, not velcro. That means I have to tie their shoes on and take them of myself every time we go anywhere. That's a switch from Jane wearing sandals she can put on and take of herself and Megan never really wearing any shoes at all. Sigh.

Two things I do like about winter:

1. Christmas

For the first time in our married lives, we are having Christmas in our own house. Yay!! We're also having all of Chris's family come...should be fun!

2. Christmas

Anyway...speaking of clothes. Which we weren't.

Remember how Megan is in the 54th% for weight and 84th% for height? I looked up Jane's stats from her first year appointment--8% for weight and 27% for height. Um, yeah. That's four pounds lighter and three inches shorter. When four pounds is a fifth of your total body weight, that makes a big difference.

The upshot of that is that when Jane was the size that Megan is now, it was summer. All the clothes I have that fit Megan are summer clothes, with the exception of the clothes Mom bought Megan for her birthday. Thank you! But we will still need to do a little more winter shopping. Sigh again. are some more random things I can tell you about while I don't put away the clean clothes.

I went shopping with Mom, Lisa, Megan, and Nicole. It was sort of a last-minute trip, so we were in Mom's car with me squished between the two car seats in the back. Lisa ended up buying a set of shelves. They didn't fit in the trunk.

Good thing she didn't buy two sets. At least it was raining--I think rain always makes moments like this funnier.

In addition to being squished in the back while Lisa was squished in the front, I was also holding an ice cream cake on my lap.

Michael and Amanda came to stay with us for a couple nights over the weekend. Yay! It was Amanda's birthday yesterday--HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It was Michael and Brenda's birthday (they're twins) last week--HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

You guys should have birthdays and come visit more often...that cake was oh so delicious.

At Megan's one-year check-up on Monday, she had seven shots. SEVEN. Six immunizations, one flu shot.

Poor girl. She was a trooper, though. She cried while they gave her the shots, then as soon as we all let go of her arms and legs, she was totally fine. Awesome.

Jane, on the other hand...

She had one flu shot. Just one. She cried from the moment the nurse walked into the room, while she got her shot, while Megan got all SeVeN of her shots, and all the way back to the car. Oh, the drama that is her life.

Megan and I matched today. Not on purpose. I figure it's bound to happen now and again when one person is responsible for choosing three people's outfits every day.

It was kind of an odd color combination to end up matching, though. And it's kind of funny because we don't match anymore. I had to change my pants because they have weird belt loops, making my belt basically useless and my pants kept slipping down. Megan's shirt had to be changed after an unfortunate diaper incident.

I bet my kids are going to read things like this years from now and be embarrassed by their mom.

You know, I'm okay with that.


Chris and Kim said...

Big 5 is having a sale on shoes right now. I went to this sale last year and got great shoes that were originally 55 dollars on sale for 20 and they are still working great. Chris's favorite shoes are his 20 dollar ones we got last year. You should check them out.

The Edwards Family said...

She had to get 7 shots?! Asher only had to get 4 at his appt. 3 immunizations and 1 flu shot. Weird...

Anyway, you should look at Payless, Old Navy, or Children's Place for shoes for your kids. They usually have great deals on kids stuff. Just a thought! :)

Kate said...

You should look at Payless for shoes, you can get some sweet deals and they seem to always have that BOGO sale going on, even on clearance items. AND sometimes they give your children princess stickers that say "my shoe size is..." Abby was in love with her sticker.