Thursday, October 7, 2010

A baby no more

On Wednesday, Megan turned 1. We don't have a baby in the house anymore! That went fast.

It was a good day. We started out with reading time,

then we ran a few errands. The girls took a break on a convenient bench.

We still had our playdate with Lisa, but we had to move inside due to lots of rain all day long. Megan had her first taste of pudding. Everyone needs a messy face picture on their first birthday!

Later that evening, we set the stage for Megan's first ever birthday party all for her, complete with pizza,


and decorations.

Chris deemed Megan's party "exclusive"--only his parents and my parents were invited. Yay for grandparents!

We chose pizza because it is already easily one of Megan's favorite meals.

Can you tell she enjoyed it?

Megan didn't really know what to do with presents. Her only experience thus far was last Christmas, and she was only two and a half months old. Not helpful. So, I was helpful instead.

Gift one: sippy cup that says "Megan". In our house, some things have to be clearly labeled to avoid being claimed by a certain two-year-old...

Megan is quite a meticulous unwrapper. She would find a folded corner and concentrate very hard to get it unfolded. Most of the rips actually came from me.

Gift two: "A is for Ark" flip book from Grandma Janet and Grandpa Craig. Yay for books! Thank you!

For the most part, Jane sat quietly between Grandpa Jeff and Grandma Karrie and watched, but I knew it was taking all her concentration to resist helping.

When Megan lost interest, we finally let Jane lend a hand.

Gift three: a toy medicine kit. The only "toy" Megan has ever really shown consistent interest in is the stethoscope we got from the hospital after her surgery. Following that vein, I opted for this toy. It was a hit.

Gift four: the clothes Megan is wearing! Thank you, Mom, for buying clothes that fit Megan that Jane has not already sent through the ringer, creating many holes and stains. It's nice to have something that Jane doesn't remember, either, and try to again claim as her own since she used to wear it. Who knew she'd have such a memory for clothes?

Last but not least: DESSERT.

I don't actually know if Megan has ever had cake in her life. That didn't change on her birthday. Her absolute, hands-down, no contest favorite food is--any guesses? Fruit. Seriously, this girl lives to eat fruit. Oh my goodness.

We had fruit pizza. Sugar cookies with sliced fruit on top. I handed Megan a cookie and she promptly threw it on the floor and cried for more fruit.

Can a mom complain about that?

Side note about hair: How is it that I have two blonde girls? Have you noticed how UN-blonde my hair is?

Side note about the decorations: If you use an air compressor to fill up balloons, they will stay full FOREVER. Jane's balloons lasted over three months and then only died because we were so sick of them we popped them all. Something about filling them with colder air and no moisture.

Side note 3: If you leave the cord for the air compressor coming into the living room, a child may use it to make a fashion statement.


Meghann said...

Happy birthday Megan! looks like a fantastic party!

Tannie Datwyler said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE pictures! I love that Megan eats pizza - that is awesome. And the fruit thing totally cracked me up. She's such a cute girl and I can't believe she is a year old.

The Edwards Family said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGAN!!! It's so crazy when they turn one and you realize that they are no longer a baby. Kind of sad and happy at the same time! We don't do big parties either. Just us and the grandparents-they're the only ones who REALLY care anyway! :) Glad it was a great day!!!