Monday, July 29, 2013

Stewart and the Stucco Moon

Before getting into the grand beginnings of Atlanta, here are two adventures I missed posting on Ben's birthday.

Adventure #1: Lunch

See? We ate lunch. It was delightful.

Adventure #2: Shoshone Falls

The benefit to not being the bride or groom in a wedding means that at some point, you are actually excused to leave. The benefit of not being in charge of anything means that when you leave, you can do whatever you want. So, we went to visit the waterfalls that, I assume, lent themselves to the naming of Twin Falls.

Also delightful. Now, on to more words and less pictures.

Adventure #Biggest Thing Happening Today

I can still count all the flights I've taken in my life on my fingers. Since it's not an entirely "normal" thing for me to do, I still get a bit nervous in airports. I love flying, though. Anyway. I documented the adventure.

Boarding the plane...

Heading for the runway...

And waiting in a line to take off with eight or nine planes in front of us and 13 behind us by the time we actually took off. We left 30 minutes late...

...which made our layover in Denver REALLY short. We walked off on plane, down the terminal, and directly onto the other plane. For my first flight transfer ever, it seemed relatively simple. The only downside was that we didn't have reserved seating so Chris and I ended up separated and we were both in center seats for a three hour flight, but guess what? We survived just fine.

I did have a nice man sitting next to me. I never caught his name, so Chris decided to call him Stewart. Stewart is a long time resident of Atlanta and gave me a lot of advice on where to live and where not to live. He also told me that he is so used to humidity that going to the desert makes him sick because he dehydrates so quickly. That's a different perspective than I keep hearing. Made me chuckle.

The best part of the flight was when the flight attendant said, "Get ready... Get set... Get off."

Once we landed and picked up our rental car, it was well past midnight. My first impressions of Atlanta? In the dark, it looks the same as Albuquerque. In the light, it is much, much, MUCH greener. I may be in love with this city already just for that. Notice the trees along the freeway--reminds me of Washington.

So far, it's not too hot, though there is definitely more moisture in the air. Someone at the bank told us this has been a "rare dry spell" and that she just can't get over how dry it is right now, other than the rain. I thought that was an odd definition of dry spell.

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Liz, Karl, Madison, Brooklyn and Aubrey said...

Happy birthday (a little late now...) to mr Benjamin. I hope you get to enjoy Atlanta in between all your busy running around.