Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Break from the Crazies

Sandia offers several nice little perks to its employees--things like free tickets to an Isotopes minor-league baseball game, along with $20 in free food vouchers. Needless to say, Chris and I were in great need of a date come Saturday night, and it couldn't have been better timing.

Our seats were awesome.

The mascot was entertaining.

Side note: I have no idea what the mascot is supposed to be. We're in Albuquerque, land of nuclear testing, and our best guess was that Orbit here is some product of radiation mutations. We even asked several of the security and vendors, and no one could tell us. Hmmm.

There were some fairly ominous storm clouds that had us wondering if we'd be rained out, but it turned out to be absolutely perfect weather for sitting outside for a game. Lovely.

In the end, the other team won, 4 to 2. So we cheered for the other team--Omaha Storm Chasers. But, best part of the game: Isotopes did manage to hit one home run. That was fun.

Best part of the night: fireworks. Brought back fond memories of Wendi and Tony and the Salt Lake Bees, and no one had to be hit by a foul ball. Good times.

Special thanks to our home teacher and his seven-year-old daughter who came over to babysit, even though we didn't get home until 11:00.

P.S. Happy Birthday yesterday to Heather!

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Liz, Karl, Madison, Brooklyn and Aubrey said...

What a fun date night. Now I know it's great they paid for your tickets to the game but food vouchers too? That's awesome! :)