Saturday, July 27, 2013


My little boy is growing up!

1 day

1 year

Benjamin Ryan is 2 years old!

Heather and Brandon were married on Ben's birthday (blog post coming soon), so we hijacked the wedding luncheon for our birthday celebrations.

Blowing out the candles! (On a piece of borrowed wedding cake--thanks, Janet and Heather.)

Grandpa Craig missed the singing, so he gave Ben is own personal performance later, which Ben loved. Just check out that smile.

And opening presents! Ivan helped.

He got a book, a dump truck, and a train. He is actually much more excited about them than it appears in these pictures. He was mostly annoyed that I was taking his attention away from the toy just to get him to look at the camera. I know, I know, that's Mom's fault for interrupting. Sorry, bud.

Happy Birthday Little Man!

P.S. Amy says hello to my blog readers.

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