Friday, May 7, 2010

Blast from the Past

One of the fun things about moving is discovering all kinds of things that you forgot you had. Like, for instance, 30 rolls of undeveloped film.

Maceys was running a special last week. One roll of film onto CD for $1. Ideal for me. I had no idea what was going to be on the film. I didn't want prints--digital is much better. And you don't get much cheaper than a dollar apiece.

Please keep in mind that these pictures were taken by a cheap point and click camera. Forgive the poor quality.

A few rolls were Girls' Camp. Oh, geez. That was a long time ago.

Yes, that's me. My group was the "Harriet the Spy" group. We were in disguise.

Yes, that's Mom and Amy. Yes, Mom is wearing toilet paper around her neck. It was good to be prepared--you never knew what you would find when you got to the bathroom.


Everybody...can't remember the two girls on the far left, then Caitlin Chapman (Blott), Katie Rasmussen (Strong), Kirsten Forsberg, and me. I don't actually think this picture was taken at girls' camp, now that I look closer, but whatever.

This was the "hi-cap" class in junior high--highly capable, supposedly.

Can you find me?

I don't specifically remember this, but I apparently had a very exciting birthday party one year!

Some shots of the family in Marysville.

There are not many pictures of my brother Michael when he was very small. I was excited to find all of these.

This last one does have some photographic quality.

And finally, as promised, here is my favorite car that I have ever owned. I drove this car for only two years, before it died six days before Chris and I got married. (Thanks, Amy, for letting us borrow your car that week.) It sat in the parking lot of our apartment complex for nearly six months before we scrapped it.

I loved this car. The window handles weren't attached--I kept them in the ashtray, to be easily accessed as needed. The windshield wipers only worked when it wasn't raining. The stereo was possessed--it wouldn't let go of the CD that was in it. When I had the radio on, it would randomly switch itself to CD. Towards the end, it would start playing the CD even when the stereo was completely off. The best part? The CD was John Denver and the Muppets Christmas album. All year round.

Rest in Peace, Todd


Britta said...

Ha! That picture of Todd was taken in the driveway of my apartment. And I was (sadly) there when he decided to give out in Brigham City.

Thats really cool that you were able to get all those pictures developed. Was it worth the $30ish?

Rebecca said...

That is so awesome. So sad I couldn't meet Todd. Seems like a cool guy. hehe :)

ps. How much longer until we can have dinner dates??