Friday, May 21, 2010

Metaphors of My Life

If life gets a little too hairy...

...just shave it off and start over.

Chris's dad, Craig, is a third grade teacher. His students reached their reading goal, and this was their reward.

Or if it's a little hairy and you can't change it, you can make some bows to at least make it cuter in the meantime...

Tannie had mentioned on her blog that she wanted to make these flower clips. I needed a no-stress activity that had nothing to do with packing or moving or school. So we killed two birds with one stone--or at least disassembled a few dozen flowers--and made hair clips together.

Yes, they really were clips, not just flowers.

As a fifth grade teacher in the south end of Cache Valley, my class has the opportunity to participate in the Wellsville Mile, a one mile race of all fourth and fifth grade students from several schools. It was originally scheduled for Tuesday, but was postponed until Thursday because of rain. Um, yeah. Pretty much the rain waited until Thursday.

It POURED. It was absolutely freezing and everything was soaked. Those poor kids still had to run even though it was raining completely non-stop the entire time we were there.

I occasionally shared an umbrella here and there, but generally, I had nothing more than my jacket. By the end, the rain had soaked through my jacket, sweatshirt, and t-shirt. The rain ran down my jacket onto my jeans, soaking them completely through, too. My shoes have holes in them and my socks were saturated. In short, I was wet, and we just had to stay outside until the races were over and we could finally load the buses again.

I was the most wet of all the teachers, so they watched my kids while I drove home and changed. It felt SO GOOD to put clean, dry clothes on after being so wet. You forget how nice it is to have dry clothes until you don't for a while.

I decided that this was a good symbol for my life. I am drowning right now, and there is nothing I can do to get out of it. But in fourteen days, we will move and I will live with my husband again. I won't have the stresses that come with being a teacher (although I will miss teaching) and I will be able to spend much more time with my daughters and family. Life will be good, and it will be that much better because we've made it through this hard time.

Sometimes you have to be soaking wet to appreciate dry clothes.


Rebecca said...

So don't know what you got 'til it's gone sometimes. And wow, just 14 days! You're awesome for making it Laura. And can you teach me how to make bows?? I love bows but have no idea how to make them so I've had to buy overpriced ones on Etsy.

June 27th sounds good to us! I'm so excited to see you guys. And to meet Megan for the first time too!

pawlyandsandy said...

Thanks for the words of wisdom Laura, you so rock! I'm so glad you made those cute flower clips-they look awesome! I can't believe you're doing so much all at once. Go you for getting through it and learning from it!! You're and inspiration!