Wednesday, May 12, 2010

giving thanks where thanks are due

Thank you, LIZ, for having us over for dinner yesterday. The waffles were quite tasty. And thank you for keeping my girls for a couple hours so I could pack.

Thank you, SHARA, for coming over tonight, with pizza, and playing with my girls so I could pack. To quote Jane, "Thank you for playing with me and thank you for eating pizza with me."

Thank you, CANDICE, for bringing dinner tonight even after I told you we were already having pizza that Shara brought.

Thank you, JENNIFER, in advance, for having us over for dinner tomorrow.

And THANK YOU JESS for helping me pack. And hanging up all my laundry. And helping me write funny pranks on the box labels. And letting me use your memory card. And helping me pack. And dumping out all the water that used to be under Jane's bed. And playing with my girls. And helping me pack.

I'm slowly going brain dead with all the things that I'm trying to do at school and home, operating 17 hour non-stop days on six or seven hours of repeatedly interrupted sleep. Pretty much, I couldn't do it if I didn't have help. And several real meals provided by other people.

thank you

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Liz, Karl and Madison said...

You are very welcome. It was fun having your over yesterday. And the girls seemed to have a lot of fun together. Sorry I couldn't even talk to you when you came to pick up your girls. But I'm glad you got a lot done. You are getting so much closer now!