Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September in Review

We read a lot at our house. All the time. I suppose we've set a good example, because Simon is getting an early start.

Ben had been in timeout for a while when Chris and I noticed that he was being a little too quiet... Turns out timeout isn't terribly interesting. Jury is still out on whether or not it's comfortable.

Simon's favorite breakfast is an Eggo waffle, and his favorite place to eat it is on this rug. As soon as he hears the toaster pop up, he'll run from wherever he is and plop straight down on the rug, then look up expectantly.

A neighbor was having a not-so-great week, so we made some peanut butter cookies. Ben determined that it was a waste to just wash the spatula, so he took it upon himself to make the most of the opportunity. He also made sure that Simon had full participation.

Simon has learned the traditional shoulder stand! He is much more excited about it than Ben ever was. He reminds me of Audrey.

One night during this last week, I asked the kids to clean the living room while I made dinner. Instead, Audrey started chanting nonsense rhymes, Megan was spinning as fast as she possible could on the office chair, and Ben was crawling around and dragging his head across the floor. About which I posted on Facebook instead of making dinner.

We decided that it would be better for everyone to just go out for pizza. And we were right.

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