Monday, September 28, 2015

Not for another 18 years

Have I mentioned yet how glad I am that we moved? I can readily see God's hand in so many things that have come together since we made that seemingly random and abrupt decision only three and a half months ago. One of those blessings is our neighborhood. Never before have I gotten a text that says, "Out with a telescope looking at the eclipse if you all are still awake." Can't pass up an opportunity like that. Chris even grabbed his telescope to join in the fun.

I love that our neighbors will congregate on the sidewalks for things like plum picking and stargazing.

And, you know, I guess the eclipse was pretty cool, too. My attempt at photographing the event, however, led me to focus my creative talents elsewhere.

Chris had better luck.

In other news, Simon has learned to run. His favorite place to do so is across the street, as we have unfortunately learned on more than one occasion. Ahem.

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Tannie Datwyler said...

18 years huh? I'm missing the significance of that statement. Does that mean you're not moving for another 18 years? I'm SO SO glad you found a good neighborhood. YAY!!!