Monday, March 31, 2014

The Remnants of March

I have taken to documenting some of Ben's more unreasonable tantrums--you know, because so many things a 2-year-old does can be described as reasonable. Ahem. This particularly day, he cried over nearly an hour because he didn't want to get dressed.

Please note that he is, in fact, already dressed.

On other days, he rocks the wardrobe in style.

He especially enjoyed the tractor socks.

Family Home Evening, while not having a perfect track record every single week, is always something fun. This night, Dad taught us about ancestors and we filled out a pedigree chart. It was somewhat harder than we anticipated to remember all our grandparents' middle names...

Activity afterwards was Twister. Ben didn't get it, Megan quit after a few spins, and Audrey lost because Chris tickled her. I manned the spinner--something about pregnant and Twister just didn't fit together in my head that night.

It's lovely having a reader in the house. Not every reading moment has to come from me anymore.

A taste of home at Costco! Although I don't personally recall Utah being overly famous for onions, I'll take it.

We babysat a friend's son while they went to the temple one morning, which happened to be when we were going shopping. So he came with us. It was a bit of a circus the whole time.

On a separate and unrelated shopping trip, I caught Megan and Ben holding hands. Best friends.

Ben fell asleep at the table, but I didn't know it. Took me a while to find him.

Mom sick day = everyone in pajamas watching tv and eating cereal straight from the box.

Jane knew I wouldn't let her take my violin to school for the Letter V show and tell, so she asked me to take a picture of her holding my violin instead.

Megan and Ben helping with laundry.

I spent a good seven hours gone on Saturday night for a Stake Relief Society Women's Conference that ended with the General Women's Meeting Broadcast. While I was gone, Chris and the kids went to dinner at a friends' house with other men whose wives were hanging out with me.

I actually, for real, honest-to-goodness found a car with a DELAWARE license plate. After years of playing the license plate game and accepting that state as a guaranteed absentee, this was definitely picture-worthy.

Chris possibly having more fun than the kids at the playground.

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Liz, Karl, Madison, Brooklyn and Aubrey said...

Cute kids, cute pictures. I love the one of Ben in his church clothes.