Saturday, March 1, 2014

An "Old" Surprise

One of my favorite unexpecteds is getting a package I didn't know was coming. We got just such a surprise this week from Deborah.

Any guesses? No? That's ok, I would be surprised if anyone managed to guess fossils. Because, you know, how many people get packages full of fossils?

So cool.

These are mastodon tooth fragments. Yes, I now personally own mastodon teeth.

Whale bone.


Cool looking, right? Turns out that "coprolite" means dinosaur poop. So, I personally also own dinosaur poop.

There were several much smaller fossils in the set, including things like algae, dinosaur bone, and petrified wood. And a shark tooth.

This is my personal favorite, the trilobite. Details, details.

Thanks, Deborah! We've had several family fossils sessions already.

P.S. Happy Birthday, Deborah!!

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