Friday, April 18, 2014


One thing we knew we were giving up when we moved to Georgia was visits from relatives--we're just too far away. Amy made it in December because, well, she's Amy and she couldn't possibly survive not seeing us for the entire time we live here. But honestly, that was the only visit I expected for the duration of our Georgia residency.


Michael has accepted an internship on a ranch in Florida, so he and Amanda and their kids stopped by Atlanta en route to their new summer abode. Yay for visitors!

It was a pretty low-key visit, lasting only Wednesday evening to Friday morning. With Michael and Amanda sleeping the living room and the kids waking up much earlier than the adults wanted to, Chris spent quite a while entertaining them in the bedroom. They built this lovely creation to pass the time.

As per tradition--you know, with our one other out-of-state visitor--we went to the zoo. And somehow, unbeknownst to me, I managed to take NOT ONE SINGLE PICTURE of Michael, Amanda, Ivan or Charlotte. I promise, cross my heart hope to die, that they were there...I just have no photographic proof. Sigh.

This was my "in case you get lost I can give the police a recent photo and accurately describe what you were wearing" picture.


We had an awesome lunch spot right next to one of the monkey enclosures. Nothing better than food and a show.

We finished out the trip with a stop at the playground. Again, I have no idea why I have so few pictures of us and none of the other Wamplers...

All told, good day. It was the very first--and only--time that Audrey Jane missed a day of school her entire kindergarten year. She skipped just to come to the zoo with us all, and I think that was absolutely the correct choice on this day. I was also able to take Amanda with me to our ward Relief Society activity that evening, and she was welcomed into the ward multiple times. Can't say us Mormons aren't friendly to strangers.

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