Saturday, March 8, 2014

Third Time's the Charm...?

Thursday was my first appointment with a new doctor--my third OB in this pregnancy. More on that hassle in another post. When I picked up Megan and Ben afterwards, I discovered that shortly before I got back, Megan had fallen off the couch at Grant's house and was quite upset about it. I watched her for the rest of that day, and while she was favoring her arm a bit, she did get over it and seemed mostly fine all day.

The next morning, though, her arm was rather swollen when she woke up. We were, ahem, rather busy that morning, so it wasn't until after we'd gone to the school for Jane and I'd gone to another appointment that I finally took Megan in to Urgent Care to get it checked out. By the way, she's broken and sprained her arm before, so we just happened to already have a child-sized sling. Convenient.

They did x-rays while I (again) waited out in the hall.

Funny moment--Megan got very frustrated and very determinedly told the doctor, repeatedly, that her name is MEGAN, not Pumpkin or Honey or Sweetheart.

The x-rays were inconclusive, but there was enough other evidence (particularly in the fat sack?) to suggest that her elbow may be broken. Off to the pediatric orthopedist we went.

And... it's broken.

Nothing major. She landed just wrong on the floor with her arm completely extended. Tiny fracture somewhere inside the elbow, visible on an x-ray only from the surrounding swelling. Cast for three weeks, then we're good.

Annoying things about Megan having a cast: she can't get her shirt on or off herself, nor can she buckle her own car seat. Those are only annoying because we're all used to her being able to do it herself. We're also staying out of the bath, which means washing hair in the sink--"just like Grandpa Jeff!!"

This is the third broken bone amongst our kids. Honestly, I thought Ben would be next. But...nope.

The story from Grant's side (he's three) is that they were playing pirates. He was Captain Hook and Megan was walking the plank. If you have to break your arm, at least do it in an entertaining way.

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