Monday, February 24, 2014

The Miscellanea

Audrey Jane and her lost love...

Way back in October or November, Jane started talking about Sebastian. He was a boy at school who, unfortunately, was in a different kindergarten class. She mentioned him often, and it eventually escalated into full-on wedding plans. This was her Thanksgiving note from school.

The picture is blurry, so I'll transcribe.

I am thankful for Sebastian. 
I am thankful for my frend. 
Then is for famle (family)
My frend is Sebastian.

Sadly, Sebastian moved over Christmas break and Jane never got to say goodbye. In his absence, she has since fallen in love with Peter Pan.

Her favorite color is now green because that's the color he wears.

I remember a boy who fell in love with me in first grade. He used to give me pencils and whistles and candy regularly. His name was Andrew. First loves. Sigh.

By the way, I'm not mocking. She takes it seriously and so do I.

Megan's quilt...

Way back in the day--you know, like September--I had the thought that it would be cool to make a quilt for Megan. Jane and Ben have both graduated beyond their baby receiving blankets and on to bigger, toddler/preschool/kindergarten-sized blankets, but Megan still only has the baby blanket. It would be nice to have something small enough for her to still carry around but big enough to actually cover her up. And bonus if it's homemade.

So, too close for her birthday so that didn't happen. And neither did Christmas. I talked about it a lot, but coming up with extra money for fabric and supplies while prepping Christmas was way too much of a stretch, so the quilt sat on the back burner.

Remember that ginormous Christmas gift that Chris bought for me?

It was this rotary cutter, large clear ruler, and cutting mat. We spent a date night (because we are oh-so-cool married people) going out to dinner and then hanging out at JoAnn's buying quilt fabric.

Day one--cut out the pink squares (the other squares I had bought pre-cut online). Day two--lay out all the squares and arrange the pattern.

Day three--sew the front panel together. Because I'm awesome, I sewed all 80 squares into three strips in one day, even though it was the very first time I've actually sewed something on purpose. (We were in a hurry, so Chris attached the panels with the last two seams for me the next day. Group project!)

Next up is a border to make it slightly bigger, but that's waiting until I have money in my budget again...I already spent all my extra on fabric this time around.


I don't have anything in particular to report about Ben. He's Ben. Just ask him.


Recent noteworthy--he finally has all of his Rubik's cubes on display again in his office at school.


I'm still pregnant. Yay! Made it to 15 weeks. The dress I wore to church yesterday finally me look pregnant.

The clothes I'm wearing today, however, do not. Go figure.

I thought I had more to say about stuff today, but...I'm tired and bored of being on the computer. Another day, then.

I did recently eat a scone that looked rather like the Millenium Falcon. There is that.


Liz, Karl, Madison, Brooklyn and Aubrey said...

:) You are always great at making me smile. I'm glad to see things are going well. Though I'm sad for Jane and her first love. :)

Brenda said...

I remember my first love in kindergarten. His name was Cory and I kissed him while we were standing in line for the bus after school. I got in so much trouble.

Love the quilt!