Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Idaho, First Edition

Last weekend we journeyed up to Rexburg. We had gone far too long without meeting this little guy.

Superman Ivan! Seriously, he looks like he's going to fly away any second now.

Amanda and I took advantage of our wonderful men and ditched the kids for a few hours for a girls' night out. Well, morning out, but same idea. Once everyone else had arrived, we went to Michael's hotel for some pool time.

Good thing for great-grandparents.

Then all the parents can keep playing while the babies sleep.

Ah, good times.

The actual event that brought everyone together was Ivan's blessing. It was a wonderful blessing, and it was nice to see everyone that was able to come. Amanda's food was really good, too. ;)

The babies didn't seem too concerned about missing out on the action.

Actually, they both slept most of the time we were there...

It was a nice introduction for Chris to his first Wampler-side nephew. And it was a very nice trip to visit everyone, even if sleeping away from home created some rather restless nights...a fact that did catch up to us.

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