Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Playdate for the Masses

When Chris and I were very first married, we were in the University 52nd Ward in Logan. It was a pretty unique experience--everyone in the ward was basically exactly the same, being in the early years of marriage, still attending college, with perhaps only one young child if any. We had two amazing bishops in a row, and we were able to make some life-long friends. (I hope! Don't leave me now!)

We were in the ward from when we got married--the first time we attended was only three days after the wedding--until Jane was five months old. All told, about a year and a half. We have been in three other wards since, but I still have more friends from that one ward than I do from all the others combined. I'll keep working on that in our current ward. ;) my point. Four of us who were in the 52nd ward together, four years ago, all got together on Monday for a playdate in Logan. Between us all, there were NINE kids four and under. It was an adventure.

Chris randomly opted to skip work that day and come to Logan with us. It was nice to have someone to play with the kids for a while so us moms could just sit and talk. Thanks, Chris!

We determined that that many small children really wasn't the best idea to take to a restaurant, so we bought pizza for lunch instead. Worked well.

So...those are just about all the pictures that I got because, honestly, we were there to talk. Nothing can perk up a week like having a good conversation with other adults! I didn't think about my camera so much while we were there.

We did have some time towards the end, though. Chris had left to go out to lunch with some former coworkers and the girls and I had about fifteen minutes to hang out after everyone left before he came back. Megan has learned a new trick with her tongue. She's constantly flipping it over now.

Don't mind the pizza still on her face.

Jane was highly opposed to me taking pictures. This is her yelling at me to put the camera down.

And this is her running away when I didn't.

Thanks, ladies, for a perfect morning. Congrats to Erin on the new job and house, congrats to Liz on the new job and good luck with the baby!, and good luck to Tannie on the job hunt. It was wonderful talking to all of you!!


Liz, Karl,Madison and Brooklyn said...

It was a fun day. I'm glad we got to have an adventure. I really needed it that day. 9 kids under four really is pretty insane :)

Tannie Datwyler said...

I wish we'd had Chris take a picture of the 4 of us. STUPID. Oh well... live and learn. I've got to store up the picture memories with my friends (not just their kids and my kids) so that when I move I'll have some. :( Next time - you and me, picture.

Rebecca said...

Aww I miss all of you guys!! The 52nd ward was truly a unique experience. So glad for blogs and FB so we can all still see what's going on in everyone's lives.