Monday, November 29, 2010

Third Annual Olive Turkey

Sometimes I think it's boring to blog about holidays. They are all kind of the same, and everyone else is blogging the same things at the same time. Let's see if I can't find a couple extra things to throw in this year...

Like an olive turkey. Raise your hand if you had an olive turkey at Thanksgiving dinner this year.

Did you behead it at the end of the meal?

Dinner was nice. My immediate family only--we're up to 17 now, with significant others and kids.

It wasn't Megan's first Thanksgiving ever, but it was her first Thanksgiving eating solid food. I think that's significant...

...but apparently not enough to actually take a picture. She was getting over being sick and ended up going down for a nap while everyone else was still eating.

Chris and I didn't help so much with the cleaning up...we were both being/getting sick with the same nasty stomach bug Megan had that's been traveling really fast through our families and our ward. Sorry, Mom, for not helping!

We spent the evening in Orem at Chris's aunt Karen's house. As you can see, there were a lot of people there.

Even Larry. I haven't seen Larry since our wedding reception.

It was a good day, despite being sick.

Yesterday was my brother Michael's thirteenth birthday. Happy Birthday, Michael!

Megan thoroughly enjoyed her cake. All three pieces.

It was also Britta's husband Matt's birthday. Happy Golden Birthday, Matt!

And now, wholly unrelated to holidays or birthdays...

Last Tuesday. Sigh. Last Tuesday brought the most anticipated and the most disappointing "snowstorm" of my recent remembrance.

It was all over the news as "The BLIZZARD of 2010". School was canceled, freeways were closed, businesses shut down early for the day... I took a few before pictures of our front yard and driveway.

Notice the footprints across the lawn? That's from the mailman. Chris really doesn't like that he does that, and I don't particularly appreciate it, either. Is there a nice way to ask the mailman not to walk across the yard like that without making them mad? Or should we just live with it?

Disappointment #1: It didn't even start snowing until it was already dark outside. That made it hard to even notice that it was snowing.

Disappointment #2: It didn't really snow. Like, at all. Maybe an inch at our house.

Sure, there is snow. But if you look at the edge at the end of the driveway, you can tell that it isn't deep at all. So Lame! I was very put out by all the hype. Now, to be fair, I know that there was significantly more snowfall up north. Chris's parents' house had more than 10 inches that day. There were whiteout conditions on several sections of freeway. But here? Nothing. I can't even call it a snowstorm in good conscience.

Thank goodness, the weather has redeemed itself in my eyes and I can now officially agree that winter is upon us.

It started snowing on Saturday night, after we had gone to bed. We woke up to this on Sunday morning.

It took a lot more effort to get the cars out and ready to go for church (this, of course, being the one night ever we didn't park in the garage...that's a story for another day). The best part, though, was that it didn't ever stop snowing until early this morning.

I think the backyard gives a better gauge of how much snow actually fell.

I don't think we'll be playing outside anytime soon.


pawlyandsandy said...

Hurray for snow! Yeah I was disapointed with the 'Blizard' as well. But happy I didn't have to drive through more snow when we were visiting down there.

You should totally go outside and make a snow man!

Cindy St. Clair said...

I just want it noted...:)...that our coverage prevented a lot of accidents, because the wind combined with the snow was really bad, so no one was on the roads because of the hype. Plus, it's the only Blizzard Warning in Utah state history. We went with what we had. :)

The great part about that is a bunch of people got off work early!

Michael said...

I was also disappointed in the snowfall. All the hype and not much to show for it. Plus what did come really messed up travel plans. We had to drive clear down through Oklahoma and New Mexico to avoid the nastiness.