Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A bit of time travel

This video was taken over a week ago--Ben's walking and standing skills are quickly improving. He does still favor crawling as it requires much less effort, but man, he's taking off quick.

When I was looking at different videos and pictures on my computer, I came across this little gem from a few years back.

Did you catch that it was Jane? They manage to change so much and yet stay the same...

That particular video prompted me to find some comparison photos, just for the fun of it.



Coming Home Outfit

Sleep Conducting

First Birthday

Second Birthday

I was right. That was fun.


Liz, Karl, Madison, Brooklyn and Aubrey said...

I've been doing a lot of looking back at the past picture searching these last few days as well. It really was fun to reminisce. Good times. I can't believe Ben is almost walking!

Tannie Datwyler said...

That was WAY fun. I love comparisons like that. The sleep conducing... that was my favorite. :) Ben looks so cute in that video.