Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Water Works

I am terribly impressed with how much Tannie does to make life fun for her kids. She is the kind of mom I aspire to be. Thank you, Tannie, for being such a good example to me and such a good friend!

While we were in Idaho, we took every chance we had to spend time with the Datwylers. Lucky for us, Claire has quite an assortment of differently sized swimming suits so all girls could be properly attired even though we didn't come prepared.

Ben and Deirdre contented themselves with a bucket of water. Well, Ben did. As long as Deirdre wasn't trying to climb into the bucket.

The older boys entertained themselves instead with construction. Much more entertaining, I hear.

We continued the water fun on Pioneer Day with Grandma Karrie. We didn't have any fun holiday plans, especially since Chris was working. To make up for that, we planned on a spontaneous trip to the new splash pad in Cottonwood Heights.

They have a pretty cool set up there, including a fun playground just for little kids. Jane thoroughly enjoyed the teeter-totter.

Ben, on the other hand, was less impressed.

Jane braved the big kid playground, too.

Megan was a little less adventurous, though she did have just as much fun.

It's even better with an apple.


Liz, Karl, Madison, Brooklyn and Aubrey said...

That girl and her fruit. :) I am slightly jealous of all this fun you were able to have with Tannie. I could really use one of those girls nights right about now. Does anyone have a birthday we need to celebrate?

Molly said...

Your kids are adorable. I had to laugh because I cannot even imagine swimming in Idaho. The COLD! Brrr! I don't even think of swimming as an option til it hits at least 100 outside. My kids though, couldn't care less. Water is water, and water is fun!

Brenda said...

Molly, it has been pretty hot in Idaho lately, believe me the water can feel pretty good at 95 degrees too. :)

Laura, I love Megan's cheesy grin!