Monday, September 6, 2010

On a Tuesday

Hooray Hooray Hooray for friends! Tannie, Claire and Linus came down from Logan to visit us last early last week. Hooray! Can you tell I was excited?

We all went to Discovery Gateway. Thank you, Deborah, for hooking us up with tickets. I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

I have no idea who was driving that truck, but Jane had no problem bumming a ride.

This may just be my favorite picture of Megan ever.

Lunch at the food court afterward...

I have never seen Jane eat a corndog so fast. Holy cow. She downed that thing so quick and immediately started begging food off everyone else. I finally just bought her another corndog. She downed that one, too.

Megan was a little more relaxed about lunch.

Tannie had a gift card she wanted to use, so we stopped at another store in the mall before heading home. While we weren't looking, the kids occupied themselves. Such creativity.

And energy.

Later that evening, after our friends had left for home, I went to a book signing with Deborah.

We didn't realize that it was actually a release party for Brandon Sanderson's newest book, The Way of Kings. It was kind of fun being there, even though I'm not as into the fantasy culture as many others. There were a lot of people there. If you can see, the line goes all the down to the very back of the picture.

The bonus of the trip: I saw two people I knew in Logan. I first saw Nate, a guy Chris had worked with both at Letter Press and at Pearson. Then I saw Bob--I recognized him, and spent a long time trying to decide if it really was him or not. It was after he had had his book signed and was leaving when he sought me out to say hello. He was our very first home teacher when Chris and I got married. He didn't remember my name, but I was excited that he still recognized me and came over to say hi.

I didn't buy the new book--it was a little daunting for my taste. The author even admitted that this one book is more like three novels, six short stories, and one novella all wrapped into one volume. I believe "tome" was actually the word of choice. Little too much for me at the moment. I did, however, buy Warbreaker and had him sign that and my copy of Elantris that I brought from home. I think I look really dumb in this picture, but you can see how big the book is.

Thank you again, Deborah, for convincing me to go. I had fun.


Tannie Datwyler said...

Your pictures are good - and way to go on getting all updated. I've been LAZY LAZY LAZY and haven't blogged FOREVER. SIGH. I'm so behind.

We had so much fun - thanks again.

And as for Sanderson - we got our copy of Way of Kings in the mail and HOLY COW 1000 pages of VERY small type. I LOVE his writing, but I won't lie, I'm a little daunted. :)

Deborah said...

I have a confession I guess, I actually did know it was release day :) I've finished the book and am starting through it a second time, quite fantastic really :)

Liz, Karl and Madison said...

Your post makes me miss you and Tannie... I miss having fun little get togethers. It looks like you had a lot of fun though.