Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lunch with Grandpa

It seems like everything I've posted lately has been a big grand event. Finally, I have something to post that happened spur of the moment!

I needed to fax some insurance paperwork so the girls and I stopped in at my dad's office to borrow their fax machine. It was well worth the two mile drive--that fax is good for over $4,000 to us. Sweet! Insurance isn't always a bad thing.

We were probably a little distracting to Grandpa,

but he didn't seem to mind too much.

Jane spent a lot of time exploring...and hiding. Because apparently that's the thing to do when Mom says it's time to leave.

But we didn't go home. We went out to lunch. Yay!

We thought we'd give Megan a taste of something new.

Side note: Can I just point out that sitting in restaurant booths always makes me feel really short? They gave Jane a cushion to sit on instead of a booster seat and I was sorely tempted to steal it from her.

Do you like Cholula sauce?

I think Megan found it a little spicy for her taste...

Just kidding. The lid was on the sauce the whole time. But that's still funny, right?

Jane opted for: Jam. She had two of them open before Grandpa or I realized what she was doing. She proceeded to eat almost all of it with her fingers before our food arrived.

Luckily, the food did arrive and we all enjoyed a tasty--and normal--meal.

Thanks for lunch, Dad.

That was Tuesday. On Wednesday, we were at the park with Lisa and her kids. I got a few pictures that I just can't not share...if you don't find them as cute as I do, well, you can skip it. But you're missing out.

Jane has always liked swinging,

but I think Megan beats her out on the enjoyment scale.

Megan is happy enough, she smiles all the time. But a smile never lasts very long. Unless she's on a swing.

She even came close to falling out three different times and still got really mad when I tried to get her down.

Her position was a little precarious, I guess. But she was too content to be disturbed!

She still really likes playing with Dalton. They do get along better than any of the other kids so far.

Nicole had a good time, too. This is the end of a smile from her. The camera just barely missed it.

Jane also practiced her balancing skills.

By the way, I know her hair has been all over the place. She is very anti-ponytails right now. More anti-hair brush, actually.

But I still think my kids are cute.


Britta said...

I feel like organizing your dad's office. But you are right, your kids are incredibly cute. Jane's hair looks like its getting lighter- is that just the camera?

Liz, Karl and Madison said...

I think your kids are cute too. I love those smiles from little Megan. Very fun.

pawlyandsandy said...

Very cute! What a fun time out to lunch with your dad. Isn't crazy how fast kids can grab and open something they aren't really supposed to have. Jane's got quick fingers :)