Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Birthdays!

Sadly, my birthday started out...shall we say...horribly! I woke up feeling very sick, with a stomachache and fever. I felt like Jane looked when she was sick a couple weeks ago.

It took me a long, long time to get myself ready for school because I felt so sick. By the time I was finally ready and went to wake up Megan, I discovered that she had pooped through her diaper, clothes, and blankets and all over MY sheets since she was on my bed. I had to give her a bath and since she was having a bath, Jane had to have a bath, too. Then I had to get all the sheets off my bed and into the washer.

Needless to say, I was late for school.

And, in case you're wondering, I only have 1.5 sick days left for the rest of the school year. I'm saving those for use only when absolutely necessary. So even though I was way sick, I still went to school. I just avoided direct contact with any students. Luckily, I have a student teacher who did all the teaching.

The day did get progressively better. My principal had announced my birthday to the entire school during his morning announcements, and I had several people wish me happy birthday in the halls. I even had two classes stop in the hall and sing to me, and the entire cafeteria sang to me, too. That was fun.

Chris and I each collected several cards, which looked fun all set up in the living room.

My most favorite gift of the day, however, was this.

I have several variations of this Care Bear, and I was very excited to receive a new addition to my collection.

The evening was highly entertaining as well. I was feeling sorry for myself the night before, so I posted this on my Facebook:

so, Chris is at work in Salt Lake, Jess (who usually hangs out with me in the evenings) is in Virginia for spring break, and tomorrow is my birthday. I'm feeling a little pathetic being all alone! DOES ANYONE WANT TO HANG OUT TOMORROW NIGHT?!?!? I have games, movies, popcorn, ice cream...we'll make a party out of it! :)

In response, my friends Tannie and Aimee and Chris's sister Heather came over for games and food. Thanks, guys. That was way, way better than being alone!

On Thursday, I would only like to point out that I was officially older than Chris when you said our ages. I was 25, he was still only 24.

Friday was Chris's birthday. He, perhaps unfortunately for him, had the girls all day since Laura Lee was closed for a wedding. And while watching the girls, he cleaned the house. He even scrubbed the toilets WAY better than I ever do. Hooray! Love you, Christopher!

Following this year's birthday pattern, the evening was better than the morning. Amy came to babysit the girls while Chris and I took Michael and Amanda on a double date. Our AMAZING birthday dinner was Hamilton's.

The only odd part that none of us were so thrilled about was the vegetables. Maybe I'm out of the food fashion loop, but I was not terribly interested in parsnips, turnips and beets.

Happy Birthday to us!
Quarter of a Century

...other goings-on...

Michael and Amanda are staying for the weekend. We thought it would be nicer for them to have a room to themselves, so Jane has graciously donated her bedroom and has temporarily taken up a new residence:

in our bedroom closet. She thinks it's fun. Like camping out, right?

I FINALLY got new glasses.


and After:

There are certainly different than anything I've had in the past, but I like them. What do you think?

By the way, that picture of Jane being sick was taken at 6:00 in the evening. This was Jane at 8:00 that same evening.

I, too, have felt much, much better since my birthday. Luckily all our illness was short-lived.


Tannie Datwyler said...

This is a fun post - I like it. :)

You are welcome for coming over - it was very fun. I'm so glad you didn't have a horrible birthday.

I like your new glasses - I've never had those kind before either.

Kym, Shaun and Riley said...

When you came to pick up your girls I forgot to tell you that I liked your glasses. They're cute.

And, food fashion loop? I thought that was hilarious! You're too funny!

Brenda said...

I wish I have come to play this week too. I'm glad that everything turned out good though. I was sick on my birthday last year. Lucky for me I didn't have to work though.

Love Jane jumping on the bed. She is too funny sometimes. I know that is only because I only get to hear about the good stuff.

Britta said...

I loved how you called Jane a 'silly goose' when she was jumping on the bed. I say that to Emmaline all the time. Sounds so much funnier and less derogatory than a lot of the things I hear parents calling their kids.

I liked your glasses too...And who was that comment for in the middle of the page about being older than Chris? Sounded like you addressed it to someone in particular but didn't actually label it.