Saturday, March 13, 2010

Almost Mrs. Chase C.

the colors

what's a chocolate fountain without chocolate?

the activities




advice for the bride
this was my official job--decorate the box

this was my other official job--take out the trash before anyone arrived to see it

the guests
(at least a few...i didn't get them all...sorry!)

christy and laura


lisa--this is the only picture i got!

sam sorry, i don't remember your names!

morgan and karsen


chris--he wasn't actually invited, but he left without giving me a goodbye kiss. so he had to come back. and since he came back, it only seemed fair that we let him have some chocolate, right?

sarah--look at that beautiful smile!


oh, yeah...amy came, too

the attire


knee brace

the picture was on the here you go

awesome bridal shower, amy!
(a.k.a good job, mom!)

The wedding date is April 10, 2010.
Only 29 days to go!

high five!

1 comment:

Britta said...

I kept seeing Megan in different people's arms and it actually took me several pictures to realize it was all the same baby. I kept thinking 'everyone brought babies?' and wondering where Morgan came across a baby to bring!
Sounds like a fun afternoon!