Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Come to the House of the Lord

lots of pictures--be warned!

Brother #1

Brother #2

and Brother #3

Oh, wait, he has a wife now, too!

Michael & Amanda
Sealed for Time and All Eternity
Salt Lake Temple
March 9, 2010

Of course, not all the pictures can be serious.

And some poses require a little more effort.

But the end result is worth it.

It was super windy.

And in March in Utah, wind equals cold. The temple can provide more than one kind of protection. ;)

Check out those shoes.

Four years ago in Tennessee, Amanda was baptized into the LDS church by this man:

(missed his name. sorry! that seems to be a trend of mine lately...)

On the right is Garrett, his companion at the time they were teaching Amanda. Funny story here: Garrett is in our ward in Logan, and Chris is his home teacher. Garrett and his companion left the area only a week or two before Michael arrived in the same area and taught Amanda the new member discussions.

It's a small world.

The reception was held in Aberdeen on the following Saturday. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend as I spent most of the morning taking the Praxis test (which, by the way, created a rash down the side of my hand and arm from rubbing along some rather UNnatural paper...).

Michael was fully prepared for the event.

Jane was, too.

The whole crew:

I'm not sure what was going on here...

but at least everyone helped clean up afterwards!



Brenda said...

These pictures were awesome! But what happened to Sister #1 and Sister #2? Is it because we aren't married yet? :)

So other than getting a rash, how did your test go?

Liz, Karl and Madison said...

Her dress is beautiful! I love weddings!