Friday, February 26, 2010

it's a family trait

A text message conversation with my dad:


today's purchase. something to do while chris is gone.


yes. I really did buy eight seasons of Scrubs.

Cool! (I like to send single word text messages due to my lack of cell phone typing skills. Please do not be offended by the brevity of my electronic communications. Had I greater ability I might be more effusive with my prose. As it stands, alas, my communiques must continue to remain stilted. If this causes you any emotional or other discomfort feel free to let me know. You may find my response less than satisfying as it will, of course, be excessively, if you will, seemingly, truncated.)



Mom said...

I was with Dad as he typed the text. (It did take him a while to do!) He chuckled to himself as he wondered if Verizon would actually send a text that long. I guess they do!

Delia said...

You parents sound cute.

Delia said...

I meant your...sorry.

Brenda said...

Verizon will send a text to another Verizon customer that is seven texts long. I've done it before. :)

Jamie Younker said...

LoL... literally.